ICRE.CAT gatherings: Josep Llimona 150 years

Artists, historians, students and art lovers have a new monthly appointment to discuss in a relaxed atmosphere. The ICRE proposes a gathering to be held the first Friday of the month in Imprevist in Barcelona Ferlandina 34th Street (near Metro Sant Antoni), there from a different proposal every week, members and nonmembers can share opinions. The gathering will begin at 7.30pm and will conclude those who want to stay and continue the conversation in a special tasting dinner for attendees.
This December
December 5th: ‘Josep Llimona’ per Natalia Corners, Comissária de l’exposició 150 anys de l’sculptor Llimoma
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next appointment
February 6th: ‘Joaquim Claret i els Escultors Montparnasse Catalans’ per Dr. Cristina Rodríguez Samaniego.
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