“Rotacions”. Mariano Andrés Vilella exhibition

In the Can Mario Room of the Vila Casas Foundation you can visit the exhibition of Mariano Andrés Vilella “Rotacions”.
Having learned all the secrets of the craft and worked for others, Mariano Andrés Vilella  (Zaragoza, 1930) decided to become a sculptor for himself and this is how he begins a career as resounding as personal. to shape a three-dimensional world of all recognition and international scope. Few sculptors of our time are able to imagine and peruse their work with the degree of wisdom with which our artist, resident in Barcelona for more than half a century, has done.

It is in the workshop of Villa Manolita, in the Marina district of the Port, where their hands alternately sharpen “corals”, “spheres”, “mergers”, “ovals” and “unions”, that is, they deploy an imaginary of the most peculiar thing in which the search on the form is specified in each of these random series. Drawing on an in-depth knowledge of the boundaries and possibilities of marble, travertine or basalt, Mariano Andrés Vilella investigates, explores, desks and polishes each block of rock to extract some forms of extreme plasticity, in which the raw material seems to become dynamic and refer us to a self-referential and at the same time cosmic universe: hence the so-often presence of a sphere engulfed surprisingly within the emptiness of one’s work, or the concentration of contradictory pulses so masterfully resolved from a center of gravity ub.

Beyond titles and series, each of his works, therefore, refers us both to the overwhelming knowledge of a trade and the desire to transcend it through the embodiment of a world where beauty, risk and rhythm go hand in hand to the limit of the indictable.



DATES: 2/23/2020 – 6/14/2020

LOCATION: Can Mario Museum, Palafrugell

More Info: https://www.fundaciovilacasas.com/en/exposition/rotations

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