Awards from the Vila Casas Foundation


The annual call for the Fundació Vila Casas awards dedicated to the pictorial, sculptural and photographic disciplines― has become, after more than a decade in operation, a way through which we give visibility to the creation of our artists .

The jury’s verdict will be made public on the day of the opening of the exhibition of selected works at the museum that hosts the discipline convened (Palau Solterra, photography; Can Mario, sculpture; and Can Framis, painting).

For the viewing and possible selection of the works by the jury, participants must register on the website of the Vila Casasdel Foundation from 16 to 31 March 2021, where they must complete the data form that it consists of: technical file of the work, a brief memory of this one, the curriculum of the artist and two images of the work from different angles, with a resolution of 300 dpi in format TIFF of a maximum size of 100 Mb each.


Here you can download the competition rules: Bases Premi d’Escultura (2021)

Registration: https://www.fundaciovilacasas.com/ca/inscripcio

For more information you can consult the competition website: https://www.fundaciovilacasas.com/ca/premis

    1. icreadmin

      Hola, Victor. Éste concurso no lo organizamos nosotros, sólo hacemos difusión. En nuestra página web tienes el enlace a las bases en donde podrás ver si cumples con los requisitos para participar. También encontrarás la página web y el contacto de la entidad que organiza el concurso por si necesitas hacer alguna consulta.
      Recibe un cordial saludo

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