ICRE 10 years exhibition

This year marks an important milestone for the world of sculpture in Catalonia with the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the Catalan Institute for Research in Sculpture (ICRE). Since its foundation in 2014, the ICRE has become a benchmark for collaboration and promotion for both national and international sculptors. With the aim of joining efforts and promoting creativity in the field of sculpture, ICRE has grown to gather more than 100 associate members. This community of artists has contributed significantly to the Catalan artistic scene and beyond.

To celebrate this special occasion, ICRE is pleased to present a unique exhibition highlighting the work of 72 artists. The exhibition will take place
in the historic Church of the Old Town of Corbera d'Ebre, an exceptional setting that enhances the beauty and importance of the works of art. The exhibition intends to be itinerant and we hope to close a whole program for the second half of 2024.

The opening of the exhibition is scheduled for next Saturday, March 23 at 12:00 p.m. This event will be a unique opportunity to appreciate the diversity of styles, techniques and artistic visions that characterize the world of contemporary sculpture.

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