Next 1st of November will open the last stage of the travelling exhibition MARTYRIUM SANCTAE EULALIA in the ORATORIO DI SAN SEBASTIANO and MUSEO DI PALAZZO ROMAGNOLI de Forli.

Organised by The Crossing Lab and ICRE and curated by Jorge Egea, Ramón Casanova and Marco Servadei Morgagni, ‘Martyrium’ creates a dialogue between different artistic visions by very actives Spanish and Italian artists both in the national and international context. An opportunity to revisit the traditional iconography of martyrdom that has had as its starting point in the image of Santa Eulalia, saint patron of Barcelona.

Artworks by: Adrián ArnauRamón CasanovaAmanda ChiarucciJorge Egea,Massimiliano FabbriLuca FreschiNúria GuerraElenaHamerski, Lara Montenegro, Miguel PalominoValeria Pierini,Dani Pujalte, Stefano Ricci, Pau RoigLaia VaquerIgnacio Zornoza De Solinís, Monia Strada.

In collaboration with Ramon Llull Institute



Opening Saturday, November 1th at 6pm.

Opening time:

ORATORIO DI SAN SEBASTIANO: Mon-Fri from 3pm to 7pm. / Sat-Sun from 10am to 2pm – from 3pm to 7pm.

PALAZZO ROMAGNOLI: Tue from 9am to 1pm – from 3pm to 5,30pm. / Wed-Fri from 9am to 1pm. / Sat-Sun from 9,30am to 1pm.


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