Josep Maria Camí: “Guinovart després de Guinovart”

The sculptor Josep Maria Camí participates in the exhibition "Guinovart dreprés de Guinovart" of the Espai Guinovart Foundation in Agramunt (Lleida).

Josep Maria Camí, born in l'Espluga Calba, is, like Josep Guinovart, an artist closely linked to the Lleida lands. And this inevitably means closely linked to hard work in the fields, to the dryness of the earth, the colors of wheat and branches, to the wisdom of the olive tree. It is not surprising, therefore, that all this residue has left its mark on his works. We can regularly find in Camí's work -as in Guinovart's- the presence of elements typical of life in the countryside that, manipulated and transformed, acquire new plastic and symbolic values, a procedure that, in some way, also led to Cape Guinovart in the facilities that preside over the Guinovat Space in Agramunt.

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