ICRE presents the Second Edition of its International Sculpture Contest.

The theme of this 2nd edition of the Contest will be SILENCE. Thus, the sculptures may refer to SILENCE in a strict sense, or in any other symbolic allusion to SILENCE.

In this edition there will be 2 awards:
- First Prize, with 1 endowment of € 1,500.
- Second Prize, with 1 endowment of € 500.

The selected works will be exhibited in the cloister of the Monastery of Sant Pau del Camp (Barcelona), from June 17 to July 18, 2021.

All sculptors can participate individually or collectively who wish, over 18 years. To compete, you must send an image of the work by email to the address concurs@icre.cat

The registration fee will be:
- 10 euros for ICRE members.
- From 30 euros for the rest of the participants.

Download the registration form and the complete rules here: English / Spanish / Catalan / French

    1. icreadmin

      Hola Marian,
      En las bases lo tienes todo explicado. Tienes que mandar una foto de la obra y una breve explicación. Los premios son 1500€ para la obra ganadora y 500€ para la segunda. Los premios no comportan la cesión de la escultura. Las esculturas seleccionadas formarán parte de la exposición y, una vez ésta se clausure las obras se devolverán a sus propietarios.

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