ALMA 2020 – Almacelles Sculpture Park

ICRE partners Núria Torres, Mer Jimenez, Mario Molins, Jorge Egea and Adrián Arnau have participated in the last edition of the Parc Escultòric de Almacelles initiative. His works can be seen in the Europa de Almacelles park and in the Museu d’Arquitectura i Urbanisme.


Sculpture by the Basque artist Eduardo Chillida

One of Jorge Egea’s sculptures that are part of the exhibition.

Polychrome terracotta by the sculptor Adrián Arnau

Nuria Torres participated with this alabaster carving.

True to his style Mario Molins has participated with several of his wood carvings.

ICRE President Jorge Egea and Adrián Arnau chat with sculptor Eduardo Chillida.

In addition to several monumental sculptures installed in Parque Europa, Mer Jiménez shows three of her small-scale works in the Almacelles museum.

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