Jassans. Greece imagined

Jassans (Josep Salvado Jassans, Alforja, 1938-2006) is an important sculptor within the new figuration in the Catalan sculpture, developed mainly in the second half of the twentieth century. Disciple of another great Catalan sculptors, Joan Rebull, also noted for his dedication to teaching sculpture and transmission of the classical spirit in later generations.
With a proper use of the concept of Mediterranean sculpture, essential to understanding the female figure, simplicity and sensuality of forms in his work and that of his contemporaries, Jassans professes reverence for the ancient Greek art that does not fall, however, in the copy, in the neoclassical academicism or nostalgia. His vision of Greece is always alive in the ways of nature and, more specifically, in the forms of the human body in rhythm, in harmony. Paradoxically, the artist never visited the Hellenic country.
A spirit at the same classic and current, renovator and faithful to the observation of natural forms time and rigor of knowledge plastic, the rules of the order of sculpture. So his works aspire to a timeless, eternal and classic space and are part of Greece Imagined.
This retrospective exhibition, curated by Jorge Egea and Adrian Arnau (Universitat de Barcelona and UniversitatJaume I, respectively) is inserted into the activities during the course of the years 2016 and 2017, pay tribute to the sculptor to mark the tenth anniversary of his death.



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