Commemoration of the year Luisa Granero

The year 2024 is the centenary of the birth of the sculptor and professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona, Luisa Granero.

At the age of 16, Luisa Granero entered the School of Arts and Crafts in Barcelona and to pay for her studies she worked as a model and assistant in sculptors' workshops throughout her career.

In 1964 she became the first woman in Spain to obtain the chair of modeling and composition at the School of Fine Arts of Sant Jordi, future Faculty of Fine Arts and where she taught until his retirement

She was the winner of the Barcelona City Prize in 1966, a member of the Real Academia de San Fernando (Madrid) and the Real Academia de Santa Isabel de Hungría (Seville) since 1969, of the National Sculpture Society (New York) since 1973 and of the Royal Catalan Academy of Fine Arts of Sant Jordi since 2006, among other distinctions and recognitions.

His work represents a personal reading of the classic canons focusing his gaze on the female figure, often linked to motherhood, through a simple and clean gesture. His sculptural production, made with such diverse materials as terra cotta, plaster, bronze and marble, constitutes an ensemble that has been widely recognized in various museums, as well as public spaces.

He maintained artistic links with creators such as Arístide Maillol, Ernest Santasusagna, Lluís Muntaner, Jaume Otero or Martí Llauradó.

Luisa Granero is a figure that we want and need to vindicate, on the one hand for being the first professor of sculpture in Spain, and, on the other, for having succeeded in materializing her artistic vocation, through a huge artistic production at a historical moment in which the role of women was defined, in general terms, in the family sphere. He thus broke the gender mandate.

The University of Barcelona maintains a strong commitment to the culture and policies of incorporating the gender perspective in a transversal way, highlighting the contribution of women throughout history in all areas of university life.

Giving visibility and recognizing the contribution of women to culture from the university level is part of the political will of the University of Barcelona in order to advance in the construction of a more equal society in terms of rights between men and women .

Granero is a figure who is part of the human heritage of the University of Barcelona and of the country's culture, both in its teaching and artistic aspects, and for her significant contribution in her role as a creative woman.


Place: Faculty of Fine Arts
Day and time: Tuesday, March 5, 2024

10:00_ Inauguration of the Aula Luisa Granero (ground floor of the Faculty of Fine Arts)

10:30_ Conference 'Luisa Granero: full stop in the history of female sculptors in our country', by Cristina Rodríguez and Irene Gras, from the Dept. of Art History from the UB

12:00_ Coffee break

12:30_ Conference 'Luisa Granero: training, workshops, teaching', by Jordi Vila, sculptor and disciple of Luisa Granero. Roundtable.

14:00_ Lunch break

15:30_ 'The collaborative project Women artists at the CRAI', by Mònica Arenas and Míriam Balboa, CRAI Fine Arts Library of the UB

16:00_ Round table 'Women in art and academia', with the participation of Tònia Coll, from the Dept. of Visual Arts and Design of the Faculty of Fine Arts; Pilar Rosado, from the Dept. of Arts and Conservation-Restoration of the Faculty of Fine Arts; Teresa Blanch, art critic and exhibition curator; and Antònia del Río, artist.

18:00_ Closing


Place: Paranymph of the University of Barcelona
Day and time: Wednesday, March 6, 2024 at 5 p.m

Institutional interventions by the vice-rector of Culture, Memory and Heritage of the UB, Dr. Agustí Alcoberro; of the vice-rector of Equality, Inclusion and Gender, Dra. Montserrat Puig; and the Councilor for Research and Universities of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Mr. Joaquim Nadal

Dissertation around the figure of Luisa Granero, by Joan Anton Maragall, director of the Sala Parés, and Cristina Rodríguez, professor of the Dept. of History of Art from the UB.

Presentation of the catalog by Enric Galcera, son of Luisa Granero.

Screening of a video about the tribute.

The event is led by Anna Llauradó, Luisa Granero's younger sister.

On the occasion of the event, the exhibition of the sculpture Bust de noia, the work of Luisa Granero, from 1944, will be inaugurated. The work, a portrait of her sister Aurora, is part of the Fine Arts Collection and it can be seen on the grand staircase of the Historical Building of the University of Barcelona from March 6 to May 31, 2024.

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