Alabastro In Itinere

ICRE partners Adrián Arnau, Jorge Egea and Joaquín Hernandez participate in the exhibition "ALABASTRO IN ITINERE" that can be visited in the Fine Arts building of the Faculty of the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of Teruel during the second fortnight of month of September.

The exhibition organized by the Comprehensive Alabaster Development Center (CIDA) with the collaboration of the Albalate del Arzobispo City Council and the University of Zaragoza and the sponsorship of the Antonio Gargallo Foundation, shows works created in alabaster by artists who have carried out artistic residencies. at the CIDA.

Alabastro In Itinere

Faculty of Social and Human Sciences - Teruel (Zaragoza University)

Fine Arts Building

C / Cdad. Escolar, 5 44003 Teruel

From September 17 to 30, 2021

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