XV International Sculpture Network Forum (Málaga)

Sculptor and member of ICRE Solange Keschmann will be in Malaga this October participating in the XV International Sculpture Network Forum.

The Sculpture Network's international forum, in its 15th edition, will explore the transformative power of art and sustainable practices. Artists and curators, public and private organizations, will address and debate the possibilities of inspiring and spreading fruitful thoughts and scenarios, imagining other possible futures. In order to identify and inspire alternative earth-friendly and fair practices that reincorporate nature and the environment.

Place: Málaga
Dates: 5, 6 and 7 October 2023
Price: for Sculpture Network members: €340 (€450, for NON-members).

You can find all the information on the website https://sculpture-network.org/en/event/50639/xv.-international-forum-in-malaga

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