Tertulia ICRE.cat nº25 – Rosa G. Ferrandiz, dona i escultora.

On this occasion, the ICRE.cat gathering of the month of November has a special and emotional character for many of the ICRE members, as a tribute will be paid to one of our friends who died two years ago.

The sculpture Rosa G. Ferrandiz, despite starting at an advanced age to dedicate herself to sculpture, shows a strong personal character, beyond the possible influences of her admired Antoine Bourdelle and the complicities with sculptors such as Rosa Martínez Brau, Josep Salvadó Jassans or Mariano Andrés Vilella, the work of Ferrandiz demonstrates originality and a knowledge of the sculptural language acquired from work and passion.

In order to get closer to her work in a more emotional way, the gathering will take place in Rosa’s old workshop, now run by her daughter Jose Abellán.


We are waiting for you on Friday, November 16 at 8:00 pm on Julián Romea 18 street (Barcelona).

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