SCULPTURE SEMINAR 01 ICRE – Sculptor Julio Antonio and the ‘monument als Herois de Tarragona’ 1811

Julio Antonio (Mora d’Ebre, Tarragona1889- Madrid ,1919) With Julio Antonio

starts the renovation of l’twentieth century Spanish sculpture. A sculptor who marks the beginning

of a new approach in the way of honesty and thoroughness of the work. An artist that

relocates to sculpture in the rightful place based on the values of its own.

The ‘monument als herois’ his capitall work, is considered one of the best works

Spanish sculpture of the twentieth century.

by Dr. Antonio Salcedo

Universitat Rovira i Virgili

        Thursday 3rd december 2015 · 7pm.    


           Carrer Dr. Carulla, 22-24 · 08017 Barcelona

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