Josep Clarà i l’univers mediterrani

Josep Clarà i l’univers mediterrani, curated by Cristina Rodríguez Samaniego and focused on Josep Clarà i Ayats (Olot, 1878–Barcelona, 1958). The exhibition offers an insight into the world of one of the most important twentieth-century Catalan artists, who lived for many years of his career in Paris. Josep Clarà, an emblematic and surprising sculptor, began from symbolism and developed on to classical and Mediterranean works, related to the aesthetics of Noucentisme.

Josep Clarà i l’univers mediterrani invites the spectator to deepen their understanding of Clarà’s artwork and creative talent, through his most important pieces as well as some lesser known works that are exhibited for the first time. It also helps us learn about the methods and techniques in sculpture. The exhibition offers varied yet complementary perspectives which combine to facilitate a wider reflection on art and beauty, heritage and our culture.

The exhibition features artworks created with diverse materials and techniques, selected from the collection which Josep Clarà left at Museu de la Garrotxa d’Olot (MCGO).

Josep Clarà i l’univers mediterrani

04/11/2021 - 05/06/2021

Thursday, November 4 at 4:00 p.m.

Castell Vila-seca


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