Registration open to participate in the ICRE exhibition at the Sala Calisay

From the ICRE we are preparing a collective exhibition with the work of our partners at the Calisay d’Arenys de Mar Cultural Center

The exhibition will be held from June 4 to 27, 2021

ICRE members who want to present works in this exhibition (maximum 2) are required to send an email to info@icre.cat before April 30 with the following information:
– Photographs of each work
– Qualification
– Year of realization
– Material
– Measurements
– Economic valuation (for insurance)
– Also indicate if the work is for sale or not

About 35 sculptures fit in the room. Therefore, depending on the number of works submitted, the ICRE Board will make a selection.

The registration fee is € 25 per member who presents. The entry of the participation fee must be made in the ICRE account indicating in the ARENYS concept (very important).

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