Dialoghi Paralleli: Jorge Egea & Luca Freschi

Jorge Egea (president of the ICRE) will present, together with fellow sculptor Luca Freschi, the Dialoghi Paralleli exhibition.

This exhibition brings together, in the same space, the infinite subtleties of the work of two contemporary sculptors. For them, the classical world, with its universe of images and aesthetic references, is a model on which to reflect, to question themselves, to which they return periodically. Despite having different styles and vocations, in their personal language we can sense the influence of classical background, whether in the choice of themes or concepts worked on, in the balance of the lines, in their lack of narrativity, or in their character. timeless. The interest in clay, transformed into terracotta or ceramics, is another of the points that connect them. Of great symbolic power, it is associated with the origin of life and, in particular, that of the human being. Raw material par excellence of sculpture, it receives and shapes the artist's ideas, being an integral part of the
creative process.

The work of Jorge Egea and Luca Freschi, gathered in Dialoghi Paralleli, also invites us to get closer to the materiality of sculpture, to explore the possibilities of the three-dimensional form, to delve into the nuances and subtleties of its surface, as well as to travel through their stories and iconography. Both offer us a universe of singular beauty, in which past and present, transience and permanence, silence and presence are harmoniously intertwined."

Dialoghi Paralleli

Date: From January 13 to 28, 2024

Location: European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM)

c/Barra de Ferro, 5 (08003)BARCELONA

More information at www.meam.es/en/exhibitions/128/dialoghi-paralleli

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