IMAGO HOMINI – Heroic nude’s influence


next TERTULIA ICRE.CAT Friday, February 5th ‘IMAGO HOMINI  heroic nude’s influence’ presents the lecture made in the TRAC2015 (The Representational Art Conference) at California Lutheran University last November. A tour which highlights the influence of the classical nude ...

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WELCOME 2016 – Closing Event ‘Mostra d’Escultures en Homenatge a la Guitarra’


Our first meeting in 2016 will take place next SUNDAY 17th at 12am in the MUSEU de la MÚSICA de BARCELONA for the Exhibition’s CLOSING EVENT ‘MOSTRA d’ESCULTURES en  HOMENATGE a la GUITARRA’. It will consisit of a guided visit with artist and visitors and a short ...

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